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QEEHUA Pump Industry Debuted at the 2022 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Exhibition

Photovoltaic Exhibition

On August 9-11, the 2022 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo was held in Guangzhou. Guangdong QEEHUA Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. actively responded to peak carbon dioxide emissions’ goal, jointly promoted the development of the industry, strived to open up the photovoltaic new energy track, and brought a number of core competitive magnetic pump series products to Booth B493, attracting a large audience.

In addition, in the same period as the Expo, adhering to the theme of “promoting the development of new energy and achieving the double-carbon goal”, the 2022 China Solar Photovoltaic Industry Development Summit Forum was also held. QEEHUA Pump Industry is honored to win the “Outstanding Photovoltaic Enterprise Award”.

Driven by the “double-carbon” strategic goal, China’s economic and social development has entered a comprehensive green transformation stage. As an important part of green low-carbon energy, the solar photovoltaic industry is in a period of rapid development. On-site products are rich in content, and the latest products and advanced technological achievements in the whole industry chain, such as raw material supply, main and auxiliary materials, mechanical equipment, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic supports, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage power supplies, photovoltaic engineering and solar photovoltaic applications, are fully displayed.

Magnetic pump plays an important role because of its advanced technology, full sealing, no leakage, and resistance to strong acid and alkali corrosion, and is widely used in the production links such as cashmere pickling, alkali washing, wastewater treatment, and chemical medicine delivery of solar cells.

The texturing process is different from other processes, and the analysis of the liquid medicine is difficult, which can hardly be distinguished by the naked eye. The processing of the texturing groove is entirely based on experience and historical data, and the properties of different liquid medicines are different under different life conditions, so it is difficult to troubleshoot the problem. Moreover, the risk factor is high, and the maintenance problem is particularly prominent. The problems of adding acid and alkali manually and splashing acid and liquid often occur, and the volatilization of acid in the workshop under special circumstances such as power failure will cause irreversible harm or even death to people.

Therefore, we will always focus on customers, provide them with high-quality products and solutions, and minimize the risks in the production process. At the same time, we will continue to devote ourselves to innovative research and development, promote the evolution of cutting-edge technologies, boost the development of photovoltaic industry, and make our own contribution to promoting the global energy revolution and building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.

Meet the light, gather potential and empower. E-Hua Pump Industry is committed to becoming an expert in the chemical pump industry. With the great dream of making the world fall in love with China pumps, we are always on the road.

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