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Metal Corrosion and Electroplating Technology: Vital Applications of Corrosion-Resistant Chemical Pumps | QEEHUA PUMP

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In the field of industrial machinery and manufacturing, one of the core problems of metallic materials is corrosion. Corrosion of metals is a common problem that can cause metallic materials to lose their mechanical properties, shorten equipment life, and even cause catastrophic accidents. This paper discusses the principles of electroplating and electroplating solutions, which is a common method to protect metals from corrosion.

The Severity of Metal Corrosion

Metal corrosion refers to the process wherein metal materials are damaged by the erosion of their surrounding media. Rust corrosion is one of the most common forms of corrosion, significantly reducing the mechanical properties such as strength, plasticity, and toughness of metal materials. It can even distort the geometrical shape of metal components, increase part-to-part friction, reduce electrical and optical properties, thereby shortening equipment lifespan and potentially leading to catastrophic incidents like fires or explosions.

Principles of Electroplating Technology

Electroplating is a process that utilizes the principles of electrolysis to deposit a thin layer of another metal or alloy on the surface of a metal. It can form a layer of metal film on the metal surface, preventing metal oxidation (such as rust), enhancing wear resistance, conductivity, reflectivity, and corrosion resistance. This technology finds widespread applications in various fields, including coin production.

Roles of Electroplating Solutions

Most metal electroplating solutions consist of aqueous solutions of organic chelating compounds. Apart from some specific plating solutions (such as gold and silver), most do not contain cyanides. These solutions are rich in metal ions, facilitating rapid deposition. Their pH typically ranges between 4 to 10, thereby minimizing corrosiveness. While acidic electroplating solutions offer faster rates, they might not be suitable for porous materials, whereas alkaline and neutral plating solutions provide slower but superior plating processes.

Challenges Faced by Electroplating Solutions

While electroplating solutions are crucial, they also present unique challenges. They often exist in acidic or alkaline forms, accelerating deposition, but their corrosive nature can lead to traditional pump corrosion. This corrosive environment demands specialized solutions, especially in the selection of pump materials. QEEHUA PUMP’s expertise shines in this field, offering corrosion-resistant chemical pumps capable of withstanding harsh conditions presented by electroplating solutions.

Innovative Solutions by QEEHUA PUMP

QEEHUA PUMP has revolutionized the field of chemical pumps by providing tailored corrosion-resistant options for electroplating solutions. Their horizontal magnetic pumps employ materials like PP, PVDF, and ETFE, effectively resisting corrosion. These pumps not only endure corrosion but also boast simple structures, low maintenance costs, and excellent sealing performance. Vertical pumps, made from corrosion-resistant materials, ensure high efficiency, easy operation, and low noise, making them ideal for space-restricted electroplating environments.

The Key Role of Corrosion-Resistant Chemical Pumps in Combating Metal Corrosion

A fundamental issue in the electroplating domain is the corrosiveness of electroplating solutions. As these solutions exist in acidic or alkaline forms, they corrode conventional pump materials. Hence, the demand for corrosion-resistant chemical pumps becomes paramount, among which horizontal magnetic pumps and vertical pumps stand out as popular choices.

QEEHUA PUMP: Pioneers in Corrosion-Resistant Chemical Pumps

QEEHUA PUMP is a pioneering technology enterprise specializing in the development and production of corrosion-resistant chemical pumps and pump filters. Their product line covers a wide array of products, including acid-resistant alkali magnetic pumps, mechanical seal centrifugal pumps, vertical pumps, electroplating filters, metering pumps, diaphragm pumps, etc. These products find extensive applications in industries such as PCB manufacturing, LED production, surface treatment, environmental protection, for chemical water circulation, filtration, and transportation.

The acid-resistant alkali pumps by QEEHUA PUMP are in high demand in industries like photovoltaic solar energy, liquid flow storage, semiconductors, leading to rapid growth and solidifying their position as international industry leaders. Founded by industry veterans with over 20 years of experience, the company has gained trust from numerous renowned corporations.

QEEHUA PUMP is committed to offering cost-effective products and first-class service, evident in their technological advancements, energy efficiency, and pump lifespan. They’ve expanded their business to encompass filtration and transportation solutions, extending their services to over 30 countries, catering to more than 13,000 global customers. Their dedication to quality is reflected in their strict research and development, production, and quality control systems, including over 30 patents and certifications like ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and SGS.


The battle against corrosion is unforgiving, and in the realm of electroplating, corrosion-resistant chemical pumps play an indispensable role. With profound industry expertise and a diverse product line, QEEHUA PUMP has emerged as a leader in this field. Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and unwavering customer service stands as a beacon in an industry constantly challenged by the corrosive forces of time.

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