Tzu Chi, let love bloom in QEEHUA.

Not only for self-development, but also for social contribution! Win-win is the pursuit of QEEHUA people!
Not only determined to be an expert in the chemical pump industry, but also a happy model of QEEHUA! Achievement, spiritual satisfaction is the destination!
Win-win, contribution and happiness, first of all, we need to have feelings of contentment, gratitude, understanding and tolerance!
These are the common feelings that QEEHUA Pump Industry and Tzu Chi Charity Foundation know each other hand in hand.

Tzu Chi walks into QEEHUA

Tzu Chi Goes to QEEHUA

Let love pass and warm everyone’s heart. This is the first love-sprinkling activity carried out by Tzu Chi team in China after QEEHUA moved to a new house.
With the theme of “Doing Good and Filial Piety Can’t Wait”, the activity spread the traditional virtue of “all the virtues’s Filial Piety First” deeply among the people. Take drama, hand language dance and games as the main ways to experience scenes; For the purpose of sharing the virtues of good thoughts and filial piety, it will be deeply rooted in people’s hearts, inspire the tremendous positive energy in everyone’s heart, and make every participant at the scene immersed in the joy and happiness of love!

Tzu Chi Goes to QEEHUA


Tzu Chi Goes to QEEHUA

In this sharing and exchange meeting, the team of QEEHUA had a deeper understanding of the weight of dedication and responsibility, and strengthened their belief in striving and pursuing a better life. In the silence of everything, each soul quietly sublimated.

Tzu Chi and QEEHUA

A good enterprise, in addition to creating enough wealth and giving its employees superior material conditions, must also create a happy working and living environment. The nourishment of the soul and the care of human nature are the longing of every soul, and the satisfaction of the soul and soul is the most solid harbor of happiness.

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