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The First Anniversary of QEEHUA in Jiangxi Province

QEEHUA in Jiangxi Province

Unconsciously, Jiangxi QEEHUA is one year old! This year, Jiangxi QEEHUA team grew from scratch, from site selection, to decoration, to product layout, to market development, to customer service, and came step by step.

Although the staff of Jiangxi QEHUA has not increased, the performance of Jiangxi QEHUA continues to grow, with customers ranging from several to hundreds. Some customers are even moved by the team of Jiangxi QEHUA, saying that QEHUA is the best service provider ever seen!

Thanks to the leadership of Mr. Zeng Qingwen, general manager of our subsidiary company, and the joint efforts of the whole Jiangxi team! Of course, it is also inseparable from the full support of QEEHUA, the head office!

Next, we will continue to inherit and carry forward our QEEHUA spirit, Do not forget your initiative mind, insist on the mission of making the world fall in love with China Pump, insist on using advanced technology, stable products, efficient service, treat our customers attentively, manage our brand attentively, and treat our partners and suppliers sincerely.

Inside the company, we should continue to help each other and practice our family culture. At the same time, let our family culture warm our customers and suppliers, influence our lives with our lives, and drive enterprises with our enterprises! Achieve a win-win situation for enterprises, employees and society!



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