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Show high-quality chemical pumps through the network ——QEEHUA pump industry Canton Fair global live broadcast

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Enterprise Pump Industry has been committed to becoming an expert in the chemical pump industry and a happy model for enterprises. With the dream of making the world fall in love with Chinese pumps, it has actively deployed the global market after 10 years of deep cultivation in the domestic market.

Under the epidemic situation, the Canton Fair turned to the “cloud”, and QEEHUA pump industry also actively embraced the change, stepping on the “cloud” and starting the first global live broadcast tour.

Show chemical pumps through the network

From the official registration of Canton Fair to the official broadcast, there is only one month’s preparation time, which is no small challenge for QEEHUA colleagues who have never been involved in live broadcast.

  • How to make better interactive links with foreign customers in the form of live broadcasts?
  • How to let customers see the real enterprise?
  • How to let customers know all-round about the products of Enterprise China?

With this series of thoughts, under the leadership of General Manager Zeng, QEEHUA quickly set up a live broadcast special group, determined the content and form of live broadcast, designed the live broadcast script, created an exclusive live broadcast room, and selected the anchor … All preparations were intense and orderly.

Canton Fair Introduction Warehouse

Canton Fair, workshop introduction

In order to let more countries know more about Chinese enterprises and realize the dream of making the world fall in love with Chinese pumps, QEEHUA cherishes every opportunity to let the world know about us and goes all out for it!

Live Moments

In this live broadcast of Canton Fair, we finally prepared a special live broadcast in four languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Russian, hoping to cover the widest range and keep approaching our goal of breaking through 20 countries in the market by 2020 with practical actions.

The 10-day live broadcast, from the offline booth to the live broadcast room on the cloud, changed the location of the Canton Fair. What remains unchanged is our determination of QEEHUA to constantly seek innovation, change and development.

Live Moments

This is just the beginning. In the future, QEEHUA will further promote the normalized live broadcast mode of global marketing, explore new business opportunities in the “cloud”, and strive for the great national mission of making the world fall in love with Chinese pumps!

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