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QEEHUA PUMP Returns to Work After the Chinese New Year Holiday

Returns to Work After the Chinese New Year Holiday

Today marks the first day back after the Chinese New Year holiday break. Everyone gathered together to welcome the new year, with an atmosphere filled with passion and determination. Over the past 2023, we have weathered storms together and achieved impressive results through our joint efforts. Here, we sincerely thank all the customers and friends who have supported and helped QEEHUA PUMP!

The new year brings new goals and a new journey. QEEHUA PUMP will continue upholding the enterprise spirit of “pursuing excellence through refinement”, pushing innovation and providing customers with higher quality products and services.

Chairman's SpeechWe will always adhere to:

  • Making quality our lifeblood and strictly controlling product quality to ensure every QEEHUA PUMP chemical pump is durable and highly efficient.
  • Putting customers first by deeply understanding their needs and providing customized solutions to create greater value.
  • Driving innovation through ongoing research and development of new products and technologies to lead the chemical pump industry.

This new year, we are full of confidence and look forward to working hand in hand with you to achieve new heights of success!

QEEHUA PUMP will continue providing:

  • Magnetic drive pumps that are leak-proof, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting for various chemical and liquid transfer applications.
  • Mechanical seal centrifugal pumps that are highly efficient, energy-saving and stable for transporting high-viscosity, high-concentration liquids.
  • Vertical pumps with a compact structure and small footprint for liquid transfer in tight spaces.
  • Chemical pump filters that effectively remove impurities and improve liquid purity to extend pump lifespan.

QEEHUA PUMP can also provide professional pump selection solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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