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QEEHUA PUMP: Redefining Excellence in Corrosion-Resistant Pumps

Sold abroad

QEEHUA PUMP, a cutting-edge enterprise specializing in the research and manufacturing of corrosion-resistant chemical pumps and filtration machines, has garnered global acclaim for its outstanding products and services. Founded by an industry veteran with over two decades of experience, the company has firmly established itself as a leader in the field.

Global Business Expansion

As of now, QEEHUA PUMP’s business footprint extends to 35 countries and regions worldwide, serving over 13,000 clients. In the realm of acid-resistant chemical pumps and chemical pump filters, QEEHUA PUMP stands out as a frontrunner, thanks to its systematic technological expertise and exceptional service capabilities.

International Recognition for QEEHUA PUMP

This month, QEEHUA PUMP hosted two waves of foreign clients for learning and visits. Asian clients engaged with QEEHUA PUMP’s technical team to understand the production process and quality control procedures of chemical pumps. They highly praised the QEEHUA PUMP products. On the other hand, European clients, primarily focused on selling high-end equipment, visited QEEHUA PUMP to assess its production capabilities and product quality. After touring QEEHUA PUMP’s production site, they expressed recognition for on-site management and adherence to standards.

All visiting clients conveyed their pleasure in collaborating with QEEHUA PUMP, considering it an honor to share QEEHUA PUMP with their own clients.

Workflow Standardization

QEEHUA PUMP places a strong emphasis on standardization throughout its operational processes, establishing a comprehensive workflow. From blueprint design to final testing, every employee understands their responsibilities and adheres to strict standards. The commitment to standardization ensures consistency, efficiency, and quality in production, making QEEHUA PUMP an industry leader. Rigorous quality checks are conducted at each stage to ensure the final product meets customer requirements. The dedication to standardized procedures improves efficiency and quality control, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

Inherited Attitude

QEEHUA PUMP not only prioritizes management systems but also inherits the craftsmanship spirit. Experienced employees pass on their knowledge and meticulous attitude to new staff, ensuring the consistent quality and reliability of products. This inherited attitude has shaped the consistent quality and reliability of QEEHUA PUMP’s products.


QEEHUA PUMP, with its cost-effective products, high-quality service, and leading position in technological upgrades, energy efficiency, and pump lifespan, continues to pursue customer satisfaction. Expanding its business globally, QEEHUA PUMP demonstrates its outstanding strength in the pump industry, consistently innovating and leading industry development.

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