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QEEHUA PUMP: Committed to Developing Its Own Brand and Becoming an Expert in Chemical Pump Industry


QEEHUA PUMP was founded by Mr Lai Qingyi in 2010 as an OEM company with only ten employees. After more than 10 years of development, the company has now developed into a chemical pump manufacturer with a team of more than 100 people.

Shifting to Independent Brand, Exploring New Markets

For over a decade we focused on R&D and manufacturing of chemical pumps. As the company expanded, we realized the limitations of contract work. To expand our market, we decided to transition to our own brand.

Developing an independent brand was a difficult choice, but we believed it was the right path forward. We invested heavily in building our own R&D team and continuously launched new products. At the same time, we strengthened our marketing and actively explored overseas markets.

Focusing on Quality, Earning Customer Trust

As a QEEHUA PUMP, we have always placed strong emphasis on quality. Our products are well-recognized by customers due to their high caliber. We have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification to ensure consistent product quality.

By prioritizing quality at every step, from research and development to after-sales service, we strive to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. This customer-centric approach has helped us cement strong relationships and gain loyal customers in the industrial pump industry. Moving forward, we will uphold our commitment to quality and continued innovation, in order to meet the needs of the market and further enhance customer satisfaction.

Focusing Globally with Chinese Strengths

Now that we have established our own brand, we are confident in competing in the international market. Our products have already been exported to multiple countries and regions around the world, winning recognition from overseas customers.

We realize distrust of “Made in China” still exists abroad. Therefore, we have established a vision of becoming experts in the industrial pump industry, while carrying the mission of enabling “the world to love Chinese pumps.” We will remain committed to developing our own brand by providing high quality products, accurate product specifications, and proactive after-sales support. This will allow us to gain further acceptance and trust from customers worldwide.

Moving forward, we aim to reinforce our position globally and continue introducing more clients from new geographical locations to our proven solutions. By emphasizing reliability and achieving new milestones in pump technology leadership, we strive to be the partner of choice for industrial applications around the globe.

Envisioning the Future

Moving forward, we will remain focused on strengthening our own brand by delivering high quality products and services that create value for our customers. We also plan to proactively engage in the development of international standards for the industrial pump industry, with the aim of contributing to the growth of the industry in China.

In Closing

QEEHUA PUMP will consistently adhere to our corporate philosophy of “High Quality, High Efficiency, High Service.” We are committed to providing our customers with superior products and services that support their business goals. Through ongoing innovation and maintaining our customer-centric approach, we strive to be our customers’ preferred and trusted partner in their success.

We thank all of our valued customers for their continued loyalty and look forward to many more years of partnership as we embark together on the next phase of progress and achievement.

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