QEEHUA PUMP Receives Warm Reception and Shows Willingness for Collaboration at the 2023 STT Eurasia Surface Treatment Exhibition in Turkey

Türkiye Surface Exhibition

In 2023, Istanbul, Turkey, once again became the focal point of global surface treatment technology, welcoming the STT Eurasia exhibition. This event attracted surface treatment specialists and related companies from all over the world, among which the Chinese company QEEHUA PUMP was undoubtedly a high-profile exhibitor.

Surface Treatment Exhibition in Turkey 2023

Surface Treatment Knowledge

Surface treatment is a common process in industry that involves the use of aggressive chemicals and corrosive solutions to treat metal surfaces. This process is not only used to protect the metal from corrosion and oxidation, but also to beautify the metal surface and improve its appearance. From degreasing, rinsing and neutralizing to etching, galvanizing and anodizing, surface preparation covers several key stages in the metal manufacturing process.

Challenges in Harsh Conditions

Surface treatment typically involves the use of corrosive and erosive liquids, such as those in wet chemical processes for printed circuit board manufacturing or processes using acidic or alkaline solutions in electroplating. These extreme conditions and rigorous operational environments place high demands on the equipment used. Pumps and valves must withstand these stresses throughout various processes, ensuring fault-free and reliable operation at all times. Simultaneously, operational costs must be effectively controlled to ensure production efficiency and sustainability.

QEEHUA PUMP: A Reliable Partner in Surface Treatment

As a Chinese company dedicated to providing high quality chemical pumps and chemical pump filters, QEEHUA PUMP is highly popular in the surface treatment industry. Its chemical pumps are highly cost-effective with excellent performance that ensures a smooth, reliable and low maintenance surface treatment process.

Surface Treatment Exhibition in Turkey 2023

QEEHUA PUMP’s chemical pumps are made of extremely durable materials and innovative technology that can easily cope with aggressive and corrosive fluids used in surface treatment systems. Whether in cleaning and washing plants, paint shops, degreasing tanks, pre-treatment, ultra-filtrate supply or disposal processes, they are up to the task.

Surface Treatment Exhibition in Turkey 2023

Chemical filtration systems are common equipment in surface treatment, and QEEHUA PUMP’s filtration systems employ corrosion-resistant materials such as PPH and PVDF, ensuring excellent performance in harsh industrial environments.

Whether used for degreasing, rinsing, activation, passivation, phosphating, or electrophoretic painting, QEEHUA PUMP’s robust pumps and materials, combined with optimal control and monitoring of pump systems, ensure the delivery of processed fluids at the right time, in the right place, and in the best possible manner. This translates to the right flow rates and pressures, providing excellent support for surface treatment processes.

Surface Treatment Exhibition in Turkey 2023

Looking Ahead

QEEHUA PUMP’s performance underscores the significant role that Chinese companies play in the global surface treatment field. They not only offer high-performance equipment but also demonstrate a strong willingness to establish collaborative relationships with international clients. By participating in the STT Eurasia Exhibition, QEEHUA PUMP has provided industry professionals with an opportunity to learn about their latest technologies and solutions, while also showcasing China’s commitment to environmentally friendly and efficient surface treatment. The future of this industry is brimming with opportunities and potential, and Chinese companies are actively participating, driving the industry’s growth forward.

Surface Treatment Exhibition in Turkey 2023

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