The best Chemical Metering Pumps suppliers in China

Voltage: AC 100-240V
Power : 16W
Pipe diameter: 8X13
Anti-corrosion: acid resistant


Metering pump, a type of reciprocating pump, developed by using the fixed flow characteristics of reciprocating pumps.

A metering pump is a precision mechanical device that moves or pumps a measured amount of fluid or liquid over a predetermined period of time to produce an accurate and precise volumetric flow rate. Such as the chemical reaction device one or several catalysts put, the latter is achieved by adjusting the stroke of each piston in the multi-cylinder metering pump separately.



1、Pumps are suitable for all kinds of acid and alkali pharmaceutical solutions, acid and alkali resistant

2、Good safety performance

3、Can be installed on the medicine tank

4、The flow rate can be adjusted during operation

5、The machine structure is confidential and compact, easy to maintain and repair


Product Specifications:

QEEHUA’s metering pumps are available in several series, including with level detection, manual control/automatic control, signal interface, etc. Contact our engineers to learn more.