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Application scenarios for the coating industry


Electrophoretic painting is a submerged wet paint finishing process that uses an electric current to adsorb paint products to the metal surface. This process is also referred to as paint deposition. When selecting a pump for a paint system, the first thing to explore is chemical compatibility. Every component in contact with the fluid needs to be chemically resistant, and the pump used to deliver the coating material must be highly resistant to harsh metals and avoid any clogging.

The QEEHUA chemical pumps used in the coating production line mainly include: high pressure magnetic drive pumps, low speed magnetic pumps, vertical submerged pumps, metering pumps, pneumatic diaphragm pumps, etc.

Key points in the coating process

PH value, temperature and solvent content of the drug solution.
Filter media and tramp ion content.
Wastewater treatment.

QEEHUA PUMP series commonly used in the coating industry

Magnetic pumps are widely used to transport high-risk type liquids because of their excellent leak-proofness and safety. The advantages of magnetic drive centrifugal pumps include, completely leak-proof, large interval between inner and outer rotors is possible, magnetic centrifugal pumps operate reliably, small possibility of wear of inner magnetic rotor and isolation sleeve due to shaft seal wear, isolation set, easy disassembly, can be replaced on site, easy maintenance, can be applied to SIC bearings, good wear resistance, long service life, pump speed is not limited by the motor.

Vertical submerged pumps, also known as vertical centrifugal pumps, are mainly used for lifting, conveying and circulating liquids, and are used in the fields of sewage, waste gas, electroplating, painting, etc. The principle is that water is pumped out by centrifugal force generated by the impeller driven by the rotation of the motor.

Chemical metering pump is widely used in waste gas treatment, sewage treatment, power generation, electronics, petroleum, chemical and other industries because of its characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and small adjustable flow.

Diaphragm pumps can pump both flowing liquids and some media that do not flow easily, and viscous liquids, or liquids that contain impurities. It also has a unique self-priming ability, so it is also very widely in use.

Chemical filter is generally used in the industrial production process, acidic and alkaline solution solid-liquid filtration and separation use. It is generally made of PP/PVDF/PVC plastic injection, and can be used to filter a variety of chemical liquids.

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