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Exhaust gas tower

Deciphering the Role of Chemical Pumps in scrubber: Achieving Excellence in Purification

Industrial development accompanied by exhaust emissions, once like rolling smoke, obscuring the blue sky and white clouds, threatening human health. Exhaust tower came into being, in the exhaust tower behind the efficient operation of the chemical pump plays an indispensable role in conveying the liquid, and harmful substances in the exhaust gas silent battle, concerted purification of the industrial voice, create a clean sky future.

Ready to go, navigating the future: QEEHUA PUMP magnetic pumps for a new era of flow battery energy storage

Flow batteries show great potential in energy storage due to their high safety, long lifespan and scalability. As a leading manufacturer of chemical pumps, QEEHUA PUMP showcased magnetic pumps that serve as critical components in flow battery systems. Magnetic pumps offer leakproof operation, corrosion resistance and high efficiency for conveying electrolytes in applications like grid energy storage, renewable energy storage, peak shaving for utilities and more. QEEHUA PUMP is committed to innovating pump technologies to advance the development of flow battery energy storage.

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