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Learning and Persistence: Building a Learning Team at QEEHUA PUMP

Learning Team

In today’s competitive business environment, learning and continuous development has become one of the key factors for business success. At QEEHUA PUMP, we believe that in order to stay ahead of the competition and maintain our competitive edge, we need to continuously improve ourselves and our organization through learning and persistence.

Chen, Director of QEEHUA PUMP Manufacturing Center, emphasized the need for employees to always maintain a learning attitude. Changing the market is difficult, but changing ourselves is something we can control. By building a learning organization that promotes continuous improvement and development, we can enhance our business and build a stronger team.

To achieve this, it is essential to form a top-down learning organization that fosters shared development. This means that companies need to learn, teams need to learn, and individuals need to learn. At QEEHUA PUMP, we have gotten into the habit of sharing over 100 questions a week, which has proven to be a valuable learning tool for everyone involved.

The chairman of QEEHUA PUMP emphasized the importance of persistence in learning, and that learning and persistence are the keys to business development. By combining learning and persistence, we can achieve greater development and growth. By fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement, we can build a stronger team that can better face the challenges of the market. As a result, QEEHUA PUMP will continue to insist on weekly sharing to continuously improve the learning ability and competitiveness of our employees.

At QEEHUA PUMP, we believe that only through continuous learning and continuous development can we achieve long-term corporate and personal development and success. We will continue to build a learning team, continuously improve the learning ability and competitiveness of our employees, and contribute to the long-term development and success of our company.