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Dongguan Dayu Chamber of Commerce visited QEEHUA PUMP

Dayu Chamber of Commerce and QEEHUA PUMP

On 2 March 2023, Dongguan Dayu Chamber of Commerce carried out its first visit to exchange activities, this time to Guangdong Qeehua Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. Under the warm welcome of QEEHUA PUMP leaders, the delegation visited QEEHUA PUMP’s production workshop and office to learn more about QEEHUA PUMP’s main products and production process.

visits QEEHUA PUMP production workshop

The delegation randomly interviewed some of the employees and learned that some of them have been working at QEEHUA PUMP for more than ten years and even introduced their relatives and friends to work at QEEHUA PUMP. They were impressed by the excellent humanistic environment of QEEHUA PUMP, which can attract and retain talents and ensure stable product quality.

During the seminar, the Chairman of QEEHUA PUMP shared with the delegation the growth experience, development strategy, product positioning and market planning of QEEHUA PUMP.

The delegation concluded that the success of QEEHUA PUMP is due to its corporate culture, which makes employees work together to do a good job. Its vision of “Let the world fall in love with China Pump” is realized through continuous technical investment in this environment. QEEHUA PUMP is full of vitality now, with corporate culture as the core strength, specializing in technology, and making the products made in China go global.

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