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Energy saving

During the weekly sharing and growth meetings, all QEEHUA PUMP personnel discuss resource saving and business development.

During the meeting, the CEO of QEEHUA PUMP shared a short story about an owner who invited guests and in order to show generosity and hospitality, that owner ordered an abundance of dishes that exceeded the number of diners. The restaurant owner suggested that the dishes be reduced according to the number of diners and told the owner that he should pay attention to saving because resources are common to the world and not something that can be wasted just because an individual is rich. Miss Elaine Zeng suggested that QEEHUA PUMP employees should make saving water and electricity a habit, not only contributing to the enterprise, but also saving resources and reducing energy consumption for the world, starting from the little things around them.

The Chairman of QEEHUA PUMP then advocated that all staff should form the habit of saving energy, starting from saving electricity and water around them, and applying it to their work, executing it according to the 5S standard, standardising processes, regular inspections and efficient use of resources. QEEHUA PUMP staff should abide by the standards and take up the mission of “Let the world love Chinese pumps”, produce high quality chemical pumps to provide to customers, but also abide by the social responsibility and not to waste resources arbitrarily.

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