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Application areas and scope of chemical pumps

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Chemical pumps rely on the centrifugal principle to extract liquid materials. Chemical pumps made of special materials are suitable for extracting corrosive liquids from bottles, barrels, tanks, pools or other containers.

1) Chemical pumps are widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, synthetic fiber, environmental protection, food, medicine and other departments.

Chemical pumps have the advantages of stable and reliable performance, good sealing performance, beautiful shape, easy to use and repair. It plays a great role in improving the quality of products, reducing running, bubbling, dripping and leakage, preventing pollution and improving the environment.

2) Chemical pumps are suitable for conveying corrosive media or media with high physical and chemical properties at various temperatures in the departments of chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, power station, food, pharmaceutical, synthetic fiber, etc.

3) Chemical pumps are used for pumping clear water, containing abrasive, harmful to ordinary pump materials, suspended, corrosive to stainless steel materials, non-explosive substances.