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130th Canton Fair, QEEHUA exhibited again

As a practitioner who makes the world fall in love with China’s pump dream, QEEHUA pump industry is still on the journey of serving the whole world. During the Canton Fair, our team stuck to the position of serving customers all over the world.

Although affected by the epidemic situation, there are not as many foreign customers coming to the scene as in previous years, it is not easy for the 130th Canton Fair to proceed in such an orderly, safe and smooth way under such a complicated and severe global epidemic situation. We are extremely proud of having such a strong motherland.

As an expert in R&D and manufacturing of chemical pumps, QEEHUA has always been committed to contributing to the manufacturing industry in China. Our first super-long warranty in the industry and our great dream of making the world fall in love with China pumps have impressed the customers who came to our booth very deeply.

We believe that the road to realizing our dreams is full of thorns and difficulties, but as long as we always stick to our dreams, Do not forget your initiative mind, and move forward in a down-to-earth manner, the future will certainly be promising! The 30th Canton Fair, goodbye, we’ll meet again next year!

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